Thursday, September 5, 2013

IMAGINARY MOVIES (coming October to a gallery and theater near you)

For October 2013, RPS Gallery will present a group show of blockbuster proportions, IMAGINARY MOVIES, from curator Teppei Ando (Murder Dollhouse). IMAGINARY MOVIES will not only bring the magic of the movies to our gallery walls but working with The New Parkway Theaters we will actually see some of these ideas come to glorious life on the big screen.

Ok, let’s break it down.

Opening on First Friday Art Murmur (October 4th) is the gallery show at RPS with our own IMAGINARY MOVIES only opening ceremony on  Saturday (October 5th)
The Superstar line for the gallery show is…
Teppei Ando
Mary Cook
Lenae Day
Cheyne Ellett
Joe Flow
Matt Hewitt
Erika Lipkes
Jonah & Aaron Olson with Tracy Whitford
Deth P Sun
with Cool Kid Video
and featuring Alika Cooper

This talented and accomplished group of artists each have their own fictious movie ideas in their mind and they will bring these ideas to our walls in any creative way they can (posters, still shots, press releases, video installations, comics, etc.)

The Friday Art Murmur opening will be electric and fun as usual and most of the participating artists will be about celebrating.

The Saturday opening  (October 5th) is just for IMAGINARYMOVIES so this is where it gets cray-cray, and where The New Parkway comes in.

3-5pm. Murder Dollhouse and RPS present IMAGINARY MOVIES: the Movie Premiere at The New Parkway.
This is where some of these ideas come to life on the big screen.

Teppei Ando (Murder Dollhouse) will be premiering his new animated film, Deadly Garden, a true crime dark comedy/thriller set in 1980s Sacramento. You can see a trailer for the film, below

Matt Hewitt (Turkey Buzzard ) will be premiering his new film, Daddy’s Boys. Fans of Hewitt have come to expect intense violence and black humor in his films and this new film will likely give us these in spades. The plot is still kept under-wraps but Hewitt says “we’re going to make the shit out of this movie”.

As well as these 2 film premieres (both films are between 25-30 minutes in length) we will screen classic shorts from both of these studios as well as special Mock-Trailers created by artists from the Gallery show and other fun touches.

Then after the screening, we will mosey on down the block to RPS Gallery where we will celebrate the amazing art show (described above) with drinks and snacks as well as a special musical performance by the brilliant SK Kakraba Lobi

That’s already a huge dose of fun but if you want to make it a triple feature you can come join us for an all night after party at the Stork Club that night. We have 4 amazing bands lined up (Postcoitus, Barfth, the Steganothings and Excelsior Sessions), show starts at 9.

That’s pretty much the gist of it. Any questions? Feel free to email curator, Teppei Ando (

See you in October!

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