Thursday, June 13, 2013

MYSTIQUE- a show with feminine perspectives

curated by Kristi Holohan

"Female perspective spans through a hybrid of distict intentional feminine methods in the creation of art as an experiential exhibition. Rock Paper Scissors Collective presents diverse cohesive works with a wide range of subject matter from an undeniably female point of view. Unconfined by gallery walls, the rich textural, subtle and overt cultural transformative installations showcase a vast perspective of feminine values and evoke an eerie yet familear viewing to portray the modern female existence based on ancestry, urbanism, activism, traditional and unconventional lifestyles, sexualizations, disenfranchisement and empowerment.

We are pleased to support a dynamic multidimensional exhibit, produced through the eyes of some of Bay Area's finest women artists."



Erin Yoshi

Joanne Ludwig

Sasha Laurel

Cricket Alexander


For sales inquiries please contact Rock Paper Scissors  at, or stop by the gallery. 2278 Telegraph Ave.

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