Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Setting Up Formative Amalgamations

This evening the artists of Formative Amalgamations got together at RPS to set up their show. It is a 3-d mainly sculptural show and they had to work together to create a cohesive installation of their collected work. 

Curator, Kristi Holohan shows Ben Stonberg's works to the other artists..

Trent Nahas has many pieces for the show. Mostly created with found objects.

I asked him where he got the lobster. He said it was his dinner. Kristi was amazed at his ability to take junk and make them desirable.

Music producer/ Sound Installation artist, John Cassagnol gave me a sneak preview of music he created for the event.

Artist, Telior Good said there are elements of children's illustrations in her work, which suggest  darker stories behind them.  

Installation artist, Laurie Shapiro unravels one of her epic pieces..

In fact here's a little video of her doing just that. It's like watching a dream unravel...

Oh and a little fox-dog came in to say hi

Grand opening is Thursday, January 3rd. Art Murmur opening is Friday, January 4th

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