Friday, January 25, 2013

February’s Show = 9th Annual Fun-A-Day event!

What’s Fun-A-Day? Fun-A-Day is a project started by the Philadelphia based, Artclash Collective. An openly invited event, each artist picks a project and works on it every day for a month, and then presents their work together as a collection. So, all throughout January artists in over 20 cities worked on their projects, Oakland’s work being hosted by RPS Gallery. On January 31st the artists will work with RPS, hanging their work late into the night to be ready for Art Murmur on Friday February 1st! We’ll post a behind the scenes look at the all night hanging but be sure to come celebrate with us next Friday at RPS GALLERY!
Below is The Artclash Collective’s Mission Statement.

For more information on Fun-A-Day, visit Art Clash’s homepage!

Mission Statement The Artclash Collective is a Philadelphia-based group of artists who organize art projects and shows that aim to be fun, inclusive and participatory. With each project/show, we seek to create a welcoming forum for people to share their art and form a community. Our shows are always free, non-juried and all ages. We hope they help people embrace their creativity and serve as an inspiration for those who attend. We hope we can inspire you to make art!
See more photos from previous FUN-A-DAYs here!

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